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Our Company

We pride ourselves in accepting the challenge of obtaining the highest degree of compensation and benefits available for each and every client.

Our company  has been successfully filing claims and securing awards for Nuclear Workers and Survivors since 2010. We are well versed in what is needed to file, navigate, and have a claim accepted. 

We file claims with the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program for previous and currently employed civilian Department of Energy employees, in addition to those who worked for contractors and subcontractors of the Department of Energy. We also represent surviving family members.

We specialize in EEOICPA claims that have been "Denied" by the Department of Labor. We are experienced in the filing and skillful management of EEOICPA claims. In addition, we have the resources to provide the evidence needed to give your claim the best opportunity for an acceptance.

We pride ourselves in accepting the challenges of a “difficult case” that other groups may not be willing to take on. Per the Department of Labor Statistics, approximately 50% of claims filed are ultimately denied. Claims are denied for many reasons, incomplete work history, insufficient medical evidence, lack of evidence regarding the causation of the exposures to toxins, and more. We will do a thorough evaluation of your claim documentation and medical records, pinpoint the reasons why the claim was denied, and formulate a concise plan to provide the evidence that is needed to have your claim accepted.

I, Elizabeth Brooks, R.N., Owner and Operator of Energy Employees Claims Specialists, LLC became involved with the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program while employed as a Registered Nurse Case Manager for the uranium miners in New Mexico.

I studied the procedure manual in-depth looking for information to help my patients.  I used this knowledge and insight to develop strategies and techniques that we use today to get our clients where they need to be; accepted under the program.

As a disclaimer, we do not offer any legal services. We are a full-service advocate group.  We handle your claim from beginning to end, including all interactions with the Department of Labor. We have no upfront charges and will evaluate your claim free of charge. You pay us after your after your claim is accepted, and funds are secured and cleared in your account. 

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